rocky horror picture show

There's a theater that I could even walk to (it's a few blocks away so it would take about half an hour - money of course is another issue) where they show the Rocky Horror Picture Show once a month. We have lived here nearly two years and have still not gone! It makes this bear a little blue.

It's okay, though, because it's my 21st BEARTHDAY! They messed up my cake but I guess it being free makes it sort of okay. By tomorrow it will just be broken down into glucose so it's no biggie, right?

Hopefully next month I will get to go to the RHPS.

oh my goodness

I am so embearessed. I haven't posted in nearly two years.

So much has happened. You probably know about it from Gordon's journal.

We don't live in the same apartment anymore. Vampire Bear has his own web site - <a href="></a>.

I'm turning 21 in a few days! I'm pretty excited. I hope everyone wishes me a very happy bearthday. That would be just great.


technically it is my bearthday right now.

haven't updated in a really long time and i'm sorry. it's not gordon's fault because he was working away from home so i should have updated. I hope to update more often now.

I can't believe I'm going to be 20 next year. That will call for some celebearation i think. time to put on my eye mask (or have someone put it on me) and go to seep. seepy time.


I haven't updated in awhile. My bad. The laptop is hella hard to get to from the bed. Also, since mr. enterpreneur has been working like crazy it's hardly free to use. Gibbles.

I love the new apartment. Smaller than the old one but then again, I'm like not even a foot tall so everything looks big to me.

I wonder if Gordon will ever learn japanese?

You know what sucks? Sitting in a room for a week with no Gordon.
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missing your best friend

I miss Gordon. It's so lonely up here in Washington Heights. Granted, there are the Starbucks bears, and I hear there is one more on the way, but still. I love the Gordon the best. He's my best friend ever.

I like watching television with him, like Felicity or Will and Grace.

Some of his songs are, ahm, out there, but hey, he loves me too. Gee bee!
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word on the street

I heard that Lizzie Lou is sad. That's not good! I don't like it when she is sad. But I guess I don't like it when anyone is sad. GEE BEE. I should rub noses with her or giver her kissees on the cheek. Then she would not feel so sad or meek. Well, at least I don't have a beak. And, fortunately, I do not reek.